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Sustainable Future: Company History and Mission in the Face of Climate Change


Our beginnings date back to 1986, when we started as a family-owned company in the construction industry. Over the years, we specialized in various areas such as comprehensive building renovations, facade and roof restorations, and interior finishing. Our services also included diamond drilling technologies and district heating installations with heat exchangers, boiler rooms, and metering systems for central heating.

We gradually expanded our operations, specializing in heating and sanitation installations. Executing HVAC installations, we gained experience in the United States. In Germany, we focused on constructing floor heating systems, considering various load conditions.

Subsequent years brought new challenges, directing our attention to energy audits of buildings, energy simulations of large-scale structures, and complex installation systems. Our company is also involved in designing heating installations and sanitary hot water systems, aiming to provide high-quality comprehensive solutions to our clients.

As the years passed and climate change intensified, our company shifted its focus towards more sustainable installation practices. Currently, we design installation systems with a high degree of self-sufficiency and integration with other technologies in mind. Modern building and industrial installations must not only be energy-efficient but also exhibit high autonomy. To achieve this, energy must be generated and consumed on-site. Therefore, we offer a wide range of modern technologies that enable us to achieve this goal. Experience in this field has allowed us to specify the precise specialization of services we now offer:

  • heating technology - heat pumps, exergetic machines
  • ventilation technology with heat recovery
  • solar and waste heat-driven air conditioning technology
  • solar cooling and freezing
  • hybrid solar-compressor air conditioning technology
  • freshwater hot water installations with solar systems and heat recovery from exergetic machines
  • central heating and gas installations
  • residential heat substations in multi-family buildings
  • water treatment for electrolysis
  • rainwater management for passive cooling
  • photovoltaics, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), PVT hybrids - electricity and heat
  • PCM heat and cold storage
  • energy storage (hydrogen systems)
  • high-temperature solar installations 240°C
  • kinetic power plants
  • co-generation from gas, biogas, biomass, and trigeneration
  • electrolysis, hydrogen storage, electricity production in fuel cells
  • sewage systems and household biological wastewater treatment plants
  • designing heating, cooling, and domestic hot water installations
  • energy audits of buildings for heating and cooling
  • energy audits of companies
  • energy simulations
  • CO2 audits, MFCA audits, LCA audits

Training, projects, and direct execution of heating, air conditioning, and industrial systems for private, industrial, and government investors in the USA and Germany have resulted in new experiences and thoroughly verified our skills in other market conditions.

Over the past quarter-century, we have been the contractor for many complex projects in industry, multi-story buildings, and single-family construction sites.

We have our own wholesale store in Sosnowiec, from where we handle deliveries and complete materials for systemic solutions necessary for the execution of the aforementioned installations, ensuring reliability. We operate in the EU market.

In response to customer requirements related to the comprehensiveness of service, we offer:

  • state-of-the-art project support based on mH Software - Germany, Hottgenroth Software - Germany, IDA Indoor Climate and Energy (ICE) - EQUA Simulation AB Sweden, PolySun Simulation Software for Renewable Energy Sector - VelaSolaris Suisse, MagiCad for AutoCad and Revit - Finland, Domus3D - MatiCad Italy, InstalSystem - InstalSoft Silesia, Audytor OZC, Sankom CO - Sankom Warsaw
  • compliance of design with NF15 (passive houses) and NF40 (low-energy houses) standards for new credit subsidies
  • selection of renewable energy sources
  • installation assembly compliant with the above standards to qualify for subsidies



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S.O.S. Earth

This film is a journey across all continents, aimed at drawing the world's attention to the problems and threats to the natural environment: global warming, dying forests, extinction of animal and plant species, and the depletion of natural resources. The effect of the cascading disasters of ecological disasters can initiate catastrophic consequences. The film S.O.S. Earth ("HOME”) is a warning of destruction, it is a cry of our Planet for salvation.

Message from Greta Thunberg

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