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Energy efficiency - cooperation partners

Kinetic power plant - electricity LCOE 0,03€/kWh - energy self-sufficiency

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Ki Tech

Electrolysis - safe hydrogen storage (metal hydride) - fuel cell

GKN Hydrogen

Heat and cold stores PCM Phase Changing Materials


Exergetic heat machine eXm and hot water - fresh water system


Industrial heat pumps

Ochsner energie technik 

PVT hybrid photovoltaics - combined systems with ground sondes - solar heat pumps


Hybrid gas heating system

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ORC turbines - electricity from waste heat

Enogia ORC

Combined heat and power - Cogeneration Biogas and Sewage gas

Schmitt Enertec

Hybrid heat exchangers for waste water


Automated pellet and woodchip boilers

Herz Energietechnik

Polyester pellet tanks


Heating and cooling capillary mats


ADsorption chillers


Water chillers - eChillers


Air handling units, duct heaters, convector heaters, fan coil units - heating and cooling


Hot water hygiene valves


Heating valves, mixers for DHW, valves for air conditioning


Panel radiators, convector radiators, canal radiators, underfloor heating


Recuperation and regeneration

Brink Climate Systems

Air conditioning - Ventilation - Recovery and recuperation - Air handling units


UV-C air disinfection - OZON - Plasma. UV-C water disinfection


Underfloor heating, wall heating, copper installations, stainless steel installations, PEX installations, drains and traps, WC pre-wall installation systems

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Water reuse - Grey water recovery

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Biological wastewater treatment plants with UV-C disinfection


Treatment of heating water, protection against scale and corrosion of drinking water systems, revitalization of tap water

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Oil separators, external linear drainage, linear drainage for bathrooms

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ECOPRIUS Consultancy and Cost Valuation - Payments


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