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Kinetic Power Plant - Energy Self-Sufficiency - Energy Contracting - Rosch Innovations Germany Product

"Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other common fuel." - Nikola Tesla

Rosch Kinetic Power Plant

KPP offers stable basic supplies of green energy, free from emissions and toxic waste. The system ensures continuous power supply regardless of location and weather conditions. This technology is highly profitable. The modules are scalable and can be customized to any required capacity.

Green Energy

We offer some of the market-leading sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in renewable energy. Kinetic power plant technology has ZERO emissions during production. Additionally, our technology does not impact our environmental landscapes, unlike solar panels and wind turbines. We proudly present a product that doesn't have issues related to post-production disposal, which is associated with solar panel production today!

Renewable Energy

We believe we have one of the most flexible renewable energy solutions on the market. Why? Unlike other renewable sources, KPP is location-independent and generates 500kW of base load power fully scalable up to 100MW. Other renewable sources impose constraints on the grid due to their instability and limited location. Depending on the customer's needs, KPP provides grid independence or contributes to grid stability and load balancing.

Low Energy Prices

We proudly present a solution that is cost-effective for both energy consumers in industry and end consumers. How? The cost of KPP electric energy throughout its operational period is lower than market prices and is individually determined, providing significant competition to wind and solar photovoltaic energy, even in optimal conditions due to the delivery of full power and energy 24/7.

Clean Power - Continuous Power

No input factors (fuel, water, wind, sun...) or emissions (CO2, NOx, SOx...)

Regardless of weather conditions, with built-in redundancy ensuring 100% nominal availability 

Decentralized Power - Scalable Power

Place it where you need it, off-grid island system

Power you need, fully available, with the possibility of expansion at any time 

Small Footprint

1500 m2/5MW for KPP, compared to 140,000 m2/5MW for photovoltaics or 15,000 m2/MW for wind turbines

"A really good idea is one that at first seems impossible." - Albert Einstein

How Kinetic Power Plant Works

KPP utilizes breakthrough technology developed by Save The Planet to convert magnetic potential into electrical energy with unprecedented efficiency. It also utilizes a pneumatic system where kinetic energy is generated by combining buoyancy and gravity forces. 


The generator operates on the principle of circularly polarized gravito-electromagnetism and utilizes electromagnetic potential to an unprecedented degree through resonance excitation in electrical circuits. This is described by the ECE theory. 

Generator Control

KPP is a pneumatic system where upward thrust force converts kinetic energy through gearing, driving the next-generation Rosch generator with controlled torque. Compressed air is injected into lifting bodies, which rise in a water-filled tank. 


The generator acts as a speed limitation for the lifting bodies. Thus, energy circulates in the system, generating surplus power. 


KPP utilizes Archimedes' principle of buoyancy. The system has a unique air compressor design with a pressure exchanger. The compressor makes air injection into floats extremely efficient.

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Global Technology Provider - Our Knowledge - Your Possibilities.

In our team, we have the best scientists, technical staff, and engineers ready to execute your KPP project. We also have qualified administration and advisors to ensure smooth progress and development. Our company will handle everything from assessing energy consumption at your location to delivering the KPP power plant turnkey. 

Evidence in Measurement Results

KPP technology has been successfully tested by several external companies. Dekra, TuV, Volkswagen, TRIMET Aluminium SE, RWE, and the former managing director of Volkswagen Kraftwerk GmbH, Dipl.Ing, Raimund Wunder. Most importantly, this technology is applied in a microgrid system in Thailand, where we can demonstrate KPP modules of 100 kW and 500 kW power. 

Kinetic Power Plant 100kW 

Kinetic Power Plant Power 100kW

Kinetic Power Plant 500kW 

Kinetic Power Plant Power 1MW 

Kinetic Power Plant Generator - Electrgravitomagnetism

Kinetic Power Plant GeneratorKinetic Power Plant Generator 500kW

Kinetic Power Plant Construction

Kinetic Power Plant Construction


Kinetic Power Plant Construction Internal StructureKinetic Power Plant Construction Component Delivery


Kinetic Power Plant Construction Well Structure

Kinetic Power Plant 5MW - Borehole Units in the Ground 500kW - Area 1500m2

Kinetic Power Plant Power 5MW

Kinetic Power Plant Schematic View 5MW

Production 100% throughout the year will generate 8760h - 5MW power - amount of energy produced 43.8GWh. The power plant has an additional reserve of 4x500kW as a backup. The installation consists of 14 borehole tubes with a depth of 25m and a diameter of 2m. 

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Main Advantages of Kinetic Power Plant

  • Decentralized energy supply - can be installed anywhere, regardless of existing power grid
  • Operates independently of sunlight, wind, and other weather conditions
  • Steady, stable supplies
  • Low energy purchase costs
  • Scalable and flexible, adaptable to needs
  • 100% emissions-free: no CO2, no NOx
  • Mass hydrogen production ensuring low prices per kg of H2
  • Reduction of the product's carbon footprint CO2 Footprint

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