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THEAC25 Thermoacoustic Cooler - Thermoacoustic Energy Transformer

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THEAC25 converts waste heat into cold using the thermoacoustic effect. The device demonstrates high efficiency and reliability. A mixture of air and helium is used as the working fluid, allowing the refrigerator to operate smoothly over a wide range of temperatures without being limited by the refrigerant's evaporation temperatures. Applying heat to one side of THEAC25 results in achieving a cooling output power of 25 kW - 40 kW, enabling the production of cold air or cold water. The cooling efficiency of this technology can reach temperatures as low as -25°C.

A 10 kW unit is in the final stage of development, along with a 120-170 kW device that can be cascaded for MW power.

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No Chemical Fluids

Traditional air conditioning systems use chemical fluids that are highly harmful to the environment.
THEAC-25 is built on advanced technology and does not utilize any chemicals. The working gas in THEAC-25 is also argon, which is the third most abundant gas in our atmosphere, comprising about 0.94% of our atmosphere. And most importantly: Argon has a zero global warming potential (GWP = 0).

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Clean and Sustainable Technology

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THEAC-25 operates without moving mechanical parts, noble metals, or materials. The system requires no maintenance, only annual inspection, and has an estimated service life of up to 30 years.
The working pressure inside THEAC-25 is 12 bars. This is similar to gas cylinders and LPG tanks in cars. The design of THEAC-25 complies with the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and has Lloyd's certification as well as CE marking with ASME certification.


Main Advantages

  • High reliability; no moving parts
  • Wide temperature range
  • High energy conversion efficiency
  • Minimal operational costs

Basic Operating Parameters

  • Cooling capacity: 25 kW
  • Power supply: heat (waste) 50 kW @ 180°C
  • Operating flexibility, smoothly adjusts to the desired amount of heat and temperature
  • Coolant: air/helium, argon

THEAC25 can be used in heat recovery processes to power or support cooling installations:

  • Cooling demand in food processing
  • Cooling of products produced at high temperatures
  • Food storage
  • Room air conditioning
  • Food bakeries
  • Pressure casting/wire drawing production
  • Metal hardening production
  • Hydrogen production
  • Textile and laundry cooling
  • Cooling tower chilling


Thermoacoustic cooler cool container

SoundEnergy, together with its partners, presents COOL CONTAINER, a complete refrigeration plant suitable for chilled water production.
THEAC makes it possible to reduce the cost of chilled water production, especially when a low-cost heat source is available. The THEAC25 type chiller is driven by heat, unlike traditional compressor chillers powered by electricity.
A key advantage is the ability to operate over a wide temperature range, as well as the flexibility to operate according to changing conditions. The refrigerator does not require complicated on/off procedures. It starts up automatically when the minimum temperature is reached.
Another advantage is the simple design. THEAC has no moving parts. By replacing traditional pistons with an acoustic wave, the maintenance and operating costs of the equipment are significantly reduced and its service life is extended. The working gas used is helium-doped compressed air. The unit is constructed as a hermetically sealed system of four vessels connected by pipes/waves. The structural components are designed in accordance with EN 13445-3 and made of suitable steel.

Thermoacoustic cooler cool container insideThermoacoustic cooler cool container measurement

The THEAC Thermoacoustic Refrigerator also serves as solar cooling - a source of heat high-temperature solar collectors XCPC 230°C

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