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Energy Contracting - Green Shield


Protect Your Company from Rising Energy Costs

Energy Contracting - Energy green shield

Energy Contracting - Convert waste heat into savings


For up to 20 years, Green Shield helps secure a portion of electricity supply at a price starting from €100/MWh.

Since 2009, ENOGIA has been producing, deploying, and servicing patented compact power plants.
With 140 projects across 27 countries, we proudly deliver over 20,000 MWh/year of emission-free electricity to our customers.
ENOGIA is a rapidly growing company listed on the Euronext stock exchange in Paris since 2021.

Enogia's energy solutions are currently financed by premium financial partners. 

You may qualify for Green Shield if:

Your energy system operates for several thousand hours per year and you have access to:

  • Waste heat,
  • Dry coolers or cooling towers,
  • Operating engine,
  • Steam, exhaust gases, or flue gases

Enogia Green Shield energy sources

We Create an Independent Power Plant Converting Heat into Electricity!

Next steps: you focus on your business, and we'll take care of the rest:

  • Our energy experts will assess process heat before selecting the most efficient and environmentally friendly solution,
  • Based on your specific situation, we'll offer a customized energy purchase agreement starting from €100/MWh,
  • We handle all administrative and legal processes,
  • After installing a micro power plant at your facility, we'll commission, maintain, monitor, and optimize emission-free electricity production for the benefit of all!

Here are the arguments for our PPA offer:

  • No investment for the client: The client doesn't need to invest financially, only provide heat and purchase energy at a stable and agreed-upon price.

  • Flexibility of termination: The client has the option to terminate after 3 years without incurring additional costs if they find a better heat sale option. ENOGIA assumes the risks associated with the agreement.

  • Client protection: The agreement serves as a way to protect the client, especially when there's not yet full knowledge of our machines.

  • Integration costs included: Integration costs are factored into the overall price, eliminating additional unexpected expenses for the client.

  • Maintenance included in the price: Maintenance services are also covered by the agreement, meaning the client doesn't have to pay extra for equipment upkeep.

  • Option to purchase ORC after 3 years: For clients opting for longer collaboration, there's the possibility to purchase the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) after 3 years. This allows the client to independently generate energy at a lower cost.

  • Energy inflation: Annual energy price inflation is 3%, providing significant protection against cost increases compared to the projected 6% energy price increase in the European Union.


Energy Contracting - Industrial Process Cooling

  • Recovery of heat from hot water at 80°C.

  • Operating time: 6240 hours/year

  • Clean energy price: €115/MWh since 2020

  • Delivered energy: 800 MWh/year

  • CO2 savings: 362 tCO2/year


Energy Contracting - Biogas Engine

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